American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) Pain and labor outcomes: A longitudinal study of adults with cerebral palsy in Sweden

Reviewed by Jaishree Capoor

Citation: Asuman D, Gerdtham UG, Alriksson-Schmidt AI, Rodby-Bousquet E, Andersen GL, Jarl J. Pain and labor outcomes: A longitudinal study of adults with cerebral palsy in Sweden. Disability and Health Journal. 2023 Apr 18:101479.

Study type/population: A longitudinal cohort study of 6899 working-age individuals with cerebral palsy aged 20-64 years old living in Sweden. The association between pain and labor outcomes (employment and earnings from employment) for adults with CP were studied.

Key findings: Pain was associated with 7-12% decrease in employment across the CP severity. The employment earnings (if employed) were reduced by 2-8% for individual with CP, and varied across the CP severity due to pain. Pain increased the likelihood of sickness leave by 93% among adults with CP as well as early retirement.

Translation to Practice: Increase in pain with aging in CP negatively affects quality of life. The detrimental effects of pain on employment and earnings underscore the importance of early screening. Sickness leave and early retirement due to pain should be prevented through pain management across life course.   Pain reduction promotes labor and social participation and improves quality of life in adults aging with CP. Further delineation of pain types, comorbidities and secondary conditions should be investigated in future studies.

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