American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) Adapted Sports & Recreation


Composition and Appointment

In addition to the Chair, Chair elect and Past Chair, number of members is variable (and between 3 and 17), subject to the needs and recommendations of the Chairperson with the approval of the responsible Board Liaison.


Chairperson: 1 year progressing from Chair-Elect.
Chair-Elect: 1 year, appointed by consensus of Committee, Board Member, and Second Vice President.
Past Chair: 1 year, progressing from Chair position. Position holds full voting privileges.
Members: 3 year term, which may be renewed for one additional 3-year term. No member may serve more than 6 years on the Committee unless progressing through a leadership role in the committee.
Ex-Officio: 1 year, to coincide with their role with the upcoming Annual Meeting.



  1. Increase awareness of the role of physical fitness in the life of persons with developmental or acquired physical disabilities.
  2. Promote and stimulate research to determine the benefits and/or consequences of physical fitness activities including possible sports related injury in persons with disabilities.
  3. Compile existent literature on the benefits and/or consequences of physical fitness activities including possible sports related injury in persons with disabilities.
  4. Promote appropriate education and training of the child, family, school, and professionals in exercise programs and injury prevention relative to lifetime physical fitness and/or competitive sports.
  5. Develop an online resource manual for adaptive education programs and other national/ international organizations that promote adapted sport and recreation.
  6. Recommend involvement/affiliations with various international agencies.
  7. Promote the adaptation of various games, toys, and art supplies to allow their use by persons who have disabilities as part of recreation and pleasure activities.
  8. Recommend the recipient of the Duncan Wyeth Award to the AACPDM Scientific Program Committee through the Chairperson.
  9. Submit committee member updates (regarding vacancies and new member names) after discussion with and through the Board Liaison who then provides them to the AACPDM office. All Committee rosters will be then updated automatically through the database.


Adapted Sports Journal Digest

As part of the AACPDM Adapted Sports and Recreation Committee, the Adaptive Sports and Recreation Journal Article Digest sub-committee monitors the current literature for new or recent original research pertaining to adaptive sports, recreation, and physical activity for individuals with disabilities across the lifespan. Check out their reviews!

Selection of Award: Duncan Wyeth Award

The award honors Duncan Wyeth, who has been both an outstanding athlete and advocate.

  1. The award goes to an individual who has promoted sports and/or recreation in their area for individuals with disabilities.  The recipient may be an athlete, coach or sponsor.
  2. The chair of the Adapted Sports Committee will contact the Local Host who will be asked to make a recommendation.  Or, if the chair or committee member knows of such an individual, they should contact the Local Host to inform him/her of the choice.
  3. The recipient is subject to approval by the Chair of the Awards Committee.
  4. The award shall be presented at the Annual Meeting.
If you are interested in joining this committee, please complete the Volunteer Application.

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