American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) Education


Composition and Appointment

Members: In addition to the Chair, Chair-elect and Past Chair, the number of members is variable (and between 3 and 17) and subject to the needs and recommendations of the Chairperson with the approval of the responsible Board Liaison. 



Chairperson: 1 year progressing from Chair-Elect.
Chair-Elect: 1 year, appointed by consensus of Committee in conjunction with and approval of the responsible Board Member and Second Vice-President.
Past Chair: 1 year progressing from Chair. Position holds full voting privileges.
Members: 3 years, which may be renewed for one additional 3-year term. No member may serve more than 6 years on the Committee unless progressing through leadership roles on the Committee. Membership must include at least 2 individuals from each discipline offering education credits. 



  1. Identify educational needs for Academy members.
  2. Create and distribute educational products that are relevant to the membership, subject to board approval, including but not limited to eCourse offerings.
  3. Develop, present, and evaluate national and regional courses appropriate to the goals and aims of the Academy.
  4. Develop, present, and evaluate Academy affiliated workshops, tutorials, or other educational events in coordination with board approval, the Executive Office and local sponsors as appropriate.
  5. Assure strict adherence to the guidelines created for the courses and workshops and available through the Executive Office.  Revise the guidelines as necessary in accordance with ACCME guidelines.
  6. Coordinate the event budget with the Executive Office, Board of Directors, the local host and sponsors for the educational venture sponsored.  The final authority for the event is the Board of Directors.
  7. Partner with the Program Committee to ensure that the goals of the Annual Meeting have been met.  Review and update outcome assessment tools as necessary.
  8. Upon request, evaluate and report to Academy leadership new opportunities for scholarly activities. 

AACPDM Spring Symposium 2023

Spring into Technology! Enabling Children in Hospitals, Schools, and Beyond! AACPDM is excited to announce the first-ever Spring Symposium on May 3, 2023! Sessions will focus on assistive technologies in school and hospital-based settings.

More information can be found here

AACPDM eCourses

An AACPDM eCourse is a self-paced online, educational course with the opportunity to earn continuing education credits. eCourses offer a chance to connect with professionals around the works! Anyone who registers for a course will be able to interact with other professionals taking the course through a shared discussion board forum.

More information about current and upcoming eCourses can be found here

If you are interested in joining this committee, please complete the Volunteer Application.

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