2024 Election: Call for Nominations!

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The American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine has opened a call for AACPDM Board of Directors nominations to serve and lead our organization.


DEADLINE: Nominations are due by April 4, 2024!

On behalf of the 2024 Nominating Committee, we solicit your nominations for the following open volunteer leadership positions for our Academy.

What positions are open?

Second Vice-President (will become President in fall 2026): 1 seat
Secretary-Elect (becomes Secretary in fall 2025): 1 seat
Treasurer-Elect (becomes Treasurer in fall 2025): 1 seat
Board of Directors-at-Large: 3 seats
2025 Nominating Committee: 3 seats

What do these positions involve?

The Second Vice-president will begin his/her term at the 2024 fall Annual Meeting. As Second VP, s/he will be responsible for supporting the Academy’s committees, as well as contributing to strategic projects. At the 2025 meeting, s/he will become First VP and will then be responsible for planning the 2026 Annual conference. At the 2026 meeting, s/he will become President and will be leading our Academy and, together with the Board of Directors, will be building and maintaining a thriving, vibrant academy that is responsive to its members, following a strategic direction and meeting its fiduciary responsibilities. This work is done with support from our management company, EDI. S/he will continue on the Board for an additional two years as a past-president, completing their term on the Board in the fall of 2028.

The Treasurer-Elect begins his/her term at the 2025 fall Annual Meeting and becomes Treasurer the following 3 years, ending in fall of 2028. The Treasurer oversees the custody of all organization records and funds or assigns a designee. The Treasurer works with staff to create an annual budget for board approval and co-signs checks over $500. The Treasurer prepares an annual report to the membership during the Membership Business Meeting hosted during lunchtime on the Thursday of the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee and verifies each annual audit and reviews all tax forms. The Treasurer performs such duties as identified in the bylaws or as assigned by the president.

The Secretary-Elect begins his/her term at the 2025 fall Annual Meeting and becomes Secretary the following 3 years, ending in fall of 2028. The Secretary oversees all meeting and governance documentation. The Secretary develops relationships with partners as identified by Board, monitors the accuracy and timely distribution of meeting minutes and assists with communicating timeline expectations to committees.

The Directors at Large will begin their terms at the 2024 fall Annual Meeting. They will each serve a 3-year term on the Board of Directors ending in fall of 2027. Their responsibilities will include support of specifically assigned committees, strategic projects and, very importantly, overall contributions to the vibrancy and offerings of the Academy and the Board of Directors.

The elected Nominating Committee members will work with the immediate Past-President and three members elected by the Board. They will review all nominations, ensuring diversity and balance reflective of the nature of our membership as they propose a slate back to the membership for members’ election. The work of those nominated through this process will occur in the fall of 2024 to spring of 2025.

What should I do as an AACPDM Member!? How do I nominate someone?

Consider those who you think would be energetic contributors to the roles above and who may have an interest in the Board or Nominating Committee. In particular, consider those who you believe have had some knowledge of and experience with our academy, perhaps through their involvement as a committee member and/or committee chair or through a special project. 

Please complete the online nominations form by April 4, 2024.

Your 2024 Nominating Committee will then be responsible for reviewing the nominees, considering them in the context of the balance and diversity of the current Board and the membership, and verifying their willingness to serve. The nominating committee will then put forward a slate for your election.

 Why should someone want to be nominated for these volunteer leadership roles?

There are many reasons why involvement with this volunteer Board is rewarding. For each person, the reasons may differ; however, a few rewards come easily to mind. In addition to meeting a desire to contribute to the future direction of the AACPDM and to work in support our members, the Board experience gives an opportunity to gain experience on a not-for-profit Board, receive some academic recognition of these volunteer efforts, and experience many new professional insights as well as gain wonderful personal connections with other Academy members. All nominations are considered seriously and your assistance will help build strength in our Academy of the future.

Please complete the online nominations form by April 4, 2024.

Thank you!

Lesley Pritchard, PT, PhD
Immediate Past President and Chair of the 2024 Nominating Committee

2024 Nominating Committee:
Dr. Nathalie Maitre - Emory University
Ms. Deirdre McDowell - Deirdre McDowell, PLLC
Dr. Sean Tabaie - Children's National Hospital
Dr. Unoma Akamagwuna - Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital
Dr. Lisa Letzkus - University of Virginia
Dr. Maureen O'Donnell - PHSA/UBC

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