American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) Categories & Dues

Fellow Member

Fellow Members of the AACPDM are individuals with at least a Bachelor’s degree who have a significant interest, as demonstrated by their work in cerebral palsy and/or other childhood-onset disabilities. This membership category encompasses applicants with any degree, who are no longer in training or are full-time students. Electronic journal access is provided.

Fellow Member – Physician - $500 per year
Fellow Member – Non-Physician - $400 per year


Corresponding Member

Corresponding Members of the AACPDM are professionals who hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent, in their home country. Corresponding Members should have a significant interest in cerebral palsy and/or other childhood-onset disabilities. To qualify for this membership category, the applicant must reside outside the United States or Canada. Applicants who meet these criteria may apply to become Fellow Members instead if they choose. Electronic journal access is provided.

Corresponding Member – (World Bank classification for low, lower-middle, and upper-middle-income countries) - $50 per year Corresponding Member – (World Bank classification for high-income countries) - $100 per year


Student/Resident/Trainee Member

Student/Resident/Trainee Members are professionals attending post-entry professional training (i.e., residency, clinical fellowship, master's, doctoral or post-doctoral programs) who have a significant interest as demonstrated by their work in cerebral palsy and/or other childhood-onset disabilities. As part of the application, Student/Resident/Trainee applicants must submit a verification letter from the supervisor of their fellowship or training program. Following training, Student/Resident/Trainee Members may apply for Fellow membership at a discounted rate for two years.

Trainee and/or Student Membership Dues: $50 per year


Emeritus Members

To be considered for Emeritus Membership, an individual has to be an AACPDM Fellow in good standing in the ACADEMY for at least ten years; and:

  • Be beyond the age of 70 years;
  • Retired from active practice; or
  • Another sufficient reason.

Please reach out to the AACPDM staff regarding further information at or to request to have the status of Emeritus Member reviewed by the Membership Committee.

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