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The Strategic Fund is a long-term fund that is similar to the Endowment Fund (see below), but has the flexibility to allow unrestricted spending for AACPDM projects and initiatives that support the mission of the AACPDM. This is the preferred fund for your donations.

$     (Examples: 5 or 5.00 = Five dollars; 500 or 500.00 = Five hundred dollars)

The Endowment Fund is the “long-term” fund that is similarly invested as the Strategic Fund (see above) but allows only the interest earned on the fund’s value to be spent on projects that align with mission of the AACPDM.

$     (Examples: 5 or 5.00 = Five dollars; 500 or 500.00 = Five hundred dollars)

Help support young investigators or colleagues that reside outside North America to attend the AACPDM Annual Meeting by giving them “wings”.

As an Angel Wing Supporter, your donation will assist in funding the AACPDM Student and International Scholarships! Our scholarships offer researchers and clinicians from around the world a chance to attend our Annual Meeting that they might not otherwise have. AACPDM believes that encouraging these members to attend our Annual Meeting ultimately improves the care of people who have childhood-onset disabilities by providing access to evidence-based research and inter-professional care for as many healthcare providers as possible.

$     (Examples: 5 or 5.00 = Five dollars; 500 or 500.00 = Five hundred dollars)

Join Hank and Jill Chambers by supporting the AACPDM, the Academy that you know and love, now in its 75th year, through your donation. To kick it off, Hank and Jill have generously offered to match dollar for dollar the first $30k donated!

$     (Examples: 5 or 5.00 = Five dollars; 500 or 500.00 = Five hundred dollars)

You can 'designate' the effort that you prefer to support (please keep in mind that this does not bind the Academy to that choice in the event there are insufficient resources to complete the specified project).

Care Pathways
The AACPDM Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Project, or
General Fund

Donate to the 2023-24 Transformative Practice Award
Each dollar donated to the Transformative Practice Award will be matched by a donor to provide a grant that will enhance capacity of service providers to apply evidence-based clinical strategies into practice to advance the health and well-being of individuals with cerebral palsy and other childhood-onset disabilities.

$     (Examples: 5 or 5.00 = Five dollars; 500 or 500.00 = Five hundred dollars)

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