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Care Pathway Development Application

Please refer to the following document AACPDM Guideline for Developing a Care Pathway for details on how to develop a care pathway. The AACPDM has created a Care Pathway Development grant that will be awarded to support teams in creating AACPDM Care Pathways. Two grants will be awarded annually for up to $10,000 (US). Please complete the application below and submit to the AACPDM office via email by the deadline of February 8, 2019 if you wish to be considered for the grant. You will be notified of the decision by March 11, 2019 and awarded by April 1, 2019. You may also apply to complete a Care Pathway but not submit for consideration for the grant. Criteria for adjudicating the applications will be the following:

  • Significance: Do the proposed Care Pathway’s objectives address an important aspect of care/services for individuals with childhood-onset disabilities? Does this aspect of care have complexity and multiple decisions points and treatment options where a Care Pathway may help to clarify a management approach that is informed by evidence and/or consensus of clinical expert opinion?
  • Expertise of the Team: Does the team have demonstrated expertise in systematic reviews, and clinical expertise in the aspect of care being addressed? Does the team bring complementary and integrated expertise to the project (e.g. multi-disciplinary)? Does the team have international representation?
  • Approach: Are the components of the Care Pathway development adequately described (scope of the pathway, systematic review methods, plan for building consensus to create the Care Pathway, identification of target users of the pathway, plan for stakeholder engagement, plan for completion of the 3 Care Pathway sections)? How adequate is the plan for building consensus for clinical expert opinion?
  • Feasibility: Is there confidence in the team’s ability to complete the Care Pathway on time (adequate resources including in-kind contributions, ability to address potential barriers, if applying for the grant is the budget well justified)?

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