American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) Communications


Composition and Appointment

Members: In addition to the Chair, Chair-elect and Past Chair, the number of members is variable (and between 3 and 17) and subject to the needs and recommendations of the Chairperson with the approval of the responsible Board Liaison. 



Chairperson: 1 year progressing from Chair-Elect.
Chair-Elect: 1 year, appointed by consensus of Committee, Board Member, and Second Vice President.
Past Chair: 1 year progressing from Chair. Position holds full voting privileges.
Members: 3 years, which may be renewed for one additional 3-year term. No member may serve more than 6 years on the Committee unless progressing through leadership roles on the Committee.



  1. Utilize coordinated strategies to disseminate Academy communications broadly and efficiently.
  1. Promote the AACPDM through the use of customized messaging to target specific professions or segments of the population to assist them in understanding the potential benefit of the AACPDM.
  1. Utilize technology to optimize and communicate around learning.
  1. Oversee AACPDM website content
    1. Make recommendations for changes to the website and evaluate any planned website changes
    2. Establish and disseminate mechanisms for content to be placed, reviewed, and/or revised on the website
    3. Maintain information about the Committee's activities for the website
  1. Create and distribute communication products that are relevant for the membership (e.g. publishing a newsletter).
  1. Maintain the AACPDM social media presence with support from Academy staff including, but not limited to:
    1. Facebook page
    2. Twitter feed
    3. Instagram account
    4. Other avenues as deemed appropriate and approved by Academy leadership
  1. Upon request, evaluate and report to Academy leadership regarding new opportunities for communication within or beyond Academy membership that may be of benefit to the Academy.
  1. Conduct the process for the Fred P. Sage Award annually
    1. Select the recipient from the submitted applications
    2. The recipient will receive a certificate and financial prize and a brief showing of the product will occur at the time the Award is presented at the Annual Meeting  
    3. Publish an updated listing/compilation of the available audiovisual and multi-media resources pertinent to the membership in the appropriate fields.
    4. Encourage the production and solicit submission of multimedia programs for the Annual Meeting.
  1. Submit committee member updates (regarding vacancies and new member names) after discussion with and through the Board Liaison who then provide to the AACPDM office. All Committee rosters will then be updated automatically through the database.

The Fred P. Sage Award is given to the best multimedia submission presenting clinical, research, or educational material in a digital format. The Award is named after Fred P. Sage, MD, past president (1981) and Chairman of the A/V Committee of the AACPDM. Dr. Sage envisioned the great potential of audio-visual use in the Academy. He advocated for ways to popularize this method of teaching, and this interest eventually led to the Sage Audio-Visual Award for the best program submitted each year.

Visit the Awards page for more information. 

Archives of the AACPDM Village

A project intended to preserve the stories from the past to help shape the future of the AACPDM.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please complete the Volunteer Application.

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