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Last Updated:
October 15, 2014



Composition and Appointment:

Members: Number (variable), subject to the needs and recommendations of the Chairperson with the approval of the committee's Board Liaison and the Second Vice President.


Chairperson: 1 year progressing from Chair-Elect.
Chair-Elect 1 year, appointed by consensus of Committee, Board Member, and Second Vice President.
Past Chair: 1 year progressing from Chair.
Members: 3 years (one second three-year term permissible).

Duties / Objectives:

  1. Develop, present, and evaluate national and regional courses on themes appropriate to the goals and aims of the Academy.
  2. Develop, present, and evaluate regional or local workshops, tutorials, or other educational events in coordination with Executive Office and local sponsors.
  3. Discuss, evaluate, and develop newer ideas for continuing education of the Academy.
  4. Assure strict adherence to the guidelines created for the courses and workshops and available through the Executive Office.  Revise the guidelines as necessary in accordance with ACCME guidelines.
  5. Assure a strict control in coordination between the Executive Office, the local host and sponsors with regards to the solvency of the educational venture sponsored.  The final authority for cancellation of a course in this regard must be followed as per the guidelines established.
  6. Establish a means to gather outcomes information to validate that the goals of the Annual Meeting have been met.  The information will be provided to the Program Committee.
  7. Determine how to serve the educational needs of local, general or family practitioners.

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