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Maria Jose Gallardo

Last Updated:
May 14, 2018

Maria Jose Gallardo, MD

Maria Jose Gallardo, MD

Current Work Setting Academics: Clinical Practice at an academic center or clinician/educator track
Clinical Practice: Hospital
Private Practice: Solo practice or member of a small group practice
Specialty Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Occupation Clinical Practice, Education

Willing to provide the following consultation areas
Career Development, Networking, International Work

Message from Maria Jose Gallardo
I work primarily with CP patients and their families through all their lifespan so I've got great experience in talking to parents about diagnosis, prognosis and disability empowerment. Also I encourage young residents in physiatry and orthopedics, medicine students and other health professionals like PT, OT and psychologists to embrace/ enjoy clinical practice with CP patients (what can be harsh or frustrating for younger persons) so we can build a better understanding of what is important to take care but also when it is important. I guess my strongest ability will be to have the long time experience working and willing to share!