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2020 Award Submission

2020 Corbett Ryan Pathways Pioneer Award Nomination

If you are returning to complete a nomination that you've already started, please click here.


A complete nomination will include the following information:

  1. Nominator and nominee contact information
  2. Nominee’s age and gender
  3. Length of time and in what role nominator knows the nominee
  4. Nominee’s educational achievements
  5. Nominee’s employment and/or community participation
  6. Brief description of nominee’s personal physical challenge

To begin your nomination, please fill in the information on the left below about yourself as the nominator, and on the right below about the person you are nominating. Click 'continue' to submit this information. The next page contains information on your unique access code, which will also be emailed to you. Your code will allow you to return to the nomination form and finish your submission.

Page two of the nomination form asks you to enter items 2-6 from the list above. You will be able to save information that you’ve entered and return with your access code at a later time. When your nomination is complete, click the Submit Final Nomination button at the bottom of page two. You will receive a copy of your submitted nomination form by email.

Please provide us with contact information for yourself and your nominee. Note that we will only contact your nominee if they receive the award.

Nominator Information:
Nominee Information: