American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) Archives of the AACPDM Village

Past Presidents and Trail Blazers

In celebration of the AACPDM 75th Anniversary, we have launched a new video series highlighting those who have made a difference in Academy history: Archives of the AACPDM Village: Past Presidents and Trail Blazers.

This project is meant to preserve and learn from their stories.

We begin this Video Series with five Past Presidents each of whom contributed to building the AACPDM village in unique ways. Through their stories we are reminded of the many different personalities, characteristics (and characters) that make up a village and how each contributes to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary vision of the Academy. These five individuals played a role in advocacy, mentorship, cultural expansion, women in leadership, and research excellence.

Each of these past presidents learned from each other, grew together and often developed lasting friendships.  Their stories frequently intermingle, and we learn that each cares deeply about this academy, their fellow members and the patients and families this Village was built to support.

We hope you enjoy these interviews and if you would like to hear the full interview from the AACPDM Archives, please visit the AACPDM YouTube channel where you can take a stroll or roll with a past president and trailblazer.

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