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Last Updated:
April 29, 2016

Gordon Worley, MD

Current Work Setting Academics: Research primarily or large component
Position Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Organization Name Duke University Medical Center
Location Durham, North Carolina
Specialty Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Practice Types
Clinical Practice
Research and Development

Willing to provide the following consultation areas
Career Development
Committee Participation

Message from Gordon Worley
I am a Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician who has been a member of the AACPDM for about 30 years. The Academy has meant a lot to me, professionally and personally, over the years. From participating in it, I have learned a lot that has been clinically useful and been a co investigator in research projects with other Academy members. I also have close friendships that I greatly value among members. I would like to help new members get as much out of the Academy as I have done.