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Marcia B. Greenberg

Last Updated:
May 08, 2017

Marcia B. Greenberg, MS, PT

Current Work Setting Academics: Research primarily or large component,Clinical Practice: Hospital
Clinical Coordinator
Organization Name
UCLA Center for Cerebral Palsy
Los Angeles, CA
Specialty Physical Therapy

Willing to provide the following consultation areas
Career Development,Committee Participation

Message from Marcia B. Greenberg
I am the Clinical Coordinator of the Center for CP at UCLA. I am involved in all three core missions of the Center - clinical care, research and education. I evaluate patients in our an inter-disciplinary lifespan clinic, perform gait studies in our gait and motion lab and participate in the Center's research projects. Over the last four years our educational program has been focused on teaching EBM to PTs internationally. The academy has been an excellent resource for me on evidence-based practice, as well as a venue for developing working relationships across disciplines. I would hope to share that experience and knowledge with a colleague who is new to the academy.