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Last Updated:
August 18, 2015

Peter Blasco, MD

Current Work Setting Academics: Clinical Practice at an academic center or clinician/educator track
Position Director of Neurodevelopmental Programs
Organization Name OHSU-CDRC
Location Portland, Oregon
Specialty Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Practice Type

Clinical Practice

Willing to provide the following consultation areas
Career Development
Committee Participation
Grants and Scholarships

Statement from Peter Blasco
I am a clinician and teacher. The advisor/mentor is a guide, a person to bounce questions or ideas off of. I am not sure how well a new relationship (as opposed to one that's already well-established) can work from a distance and with infrequent direct contacts...but am willing to give it a try. The AACPDM and my Academy colleagues have been invaluable in my career. I would love to help younger members find those same supports.