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Transformative Practice Award

The AACPDM is pleased to announce the introduction of a new award designed to facilitate sharing of expertise among members of the Academy.  The Transformative Practice Award will provide financial support for collaboration among members for the purpose of implementing an evidence-based management strategy in clinical practice. One award of up to $4000.00 will be available for 2014.

The application deadline for 2014 has passed. Information for 2015 will be posted later this year.


The intent of the Transformative Practice Award is to facilitate the translation of evidence based clinical management strategies into practice. Funding is available to support members to plan and implement specific intervention strategies that are supported by research evidence. The award is based on the premise of ‘academic detailing’ whereby ‘experts’ who have been involved in the successful implementation of specific evidence-based management strategies within their facility support the host facility in the implementation of those strategies for changing clinical practice. Research suggests that academic detailing is an effective strategy for implementing changes in clinical practice. The specific objectives of the program are to:

  • Facilitate sharing of expertise and knowledge regarding implementation of specific, evidence-based, clinical management strategies into practice among AACPDM members.
  • Ensure that implementation of new clinical management strategies is based on established practices such as addressing local barriers to implementation and the involvement of relevant stakeholders in planning.
  • Assist the development of implementation plans and evaluation plans for determining how successful the initiative was in changing clinical practice.


  • Applicants and identified experts must be current AACPDM members.
  • Applicants must not have received an AACPDM Transformative Practice Grant within the past five years.
  • Proposed management strategies for implementation must be relevant for individuals with cerebral palsy, developmental disorders, or other childhood acquired disability.


Terms of the award (PDF)

AACPDM members are invited to submit applications describing planned implementation of management strategies for populations included in the mandate of the AACPDM. Potential activities for translation of management strategies into practice include but are not limited to:

  • On-site feedback from an expert in the relevant clinical area who has demonstrated success with implementation of the management strategy
  • Meetings with relevant, key stakeholders to identify and overcome local barriers to implementation.
  • Follow-up meeting(s) or teleconferences with the expert to allow for ongoing support and guidance.
  • Evaluation of implementation of strategies related to practice change (i.e., how did practice change after implementation of activities outlined in this application?)

Activities related to the transformative practice award must be completed within one year of receipt of the award. The grant amount is up to $4000.00 per award. In 2014, one award will be granted to members living within North America. Following the first year, the award will be evaluated and plans will be reviewed to allow for international member applications. A final report will be required within 3 months of the end of the term of the award. The final report must include a description of activities, the results of the evaluation of implementation and a line-by-line description of how funds were spent.
Eligible expenses include:

  • Travel expenses for the expert
  • On-site meeting related expenses
  • Knowledge translation activity expenses

Personal remuneration, administrative costs (i.e., standard office equipment and supplies), and activities unrelated to the implementation of the management strategy outlined in the proposal are ineligible expenses.