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AACPDM Research Grant

Submission has closed for the 2013 Research Grant. 

A key mission of the Academy is to promote excellence in research for the benefit of persons with cerebral palsy and childhood-onset disabilities. One way in which the Academy promotes research is through the annual AACPDM Research Grant.

The AACPDM Research Grant Award provides seed funding to develop a high quality clinical research project/program. The award is expected to produce a competitive interdisciplinary, multi-investigator/center grant proposal for submission to larger agencies/funders of research in any area relevant to the AACPDM. Any member of the AACPDM is eligible to apply. Only one grant application per member will be considered in a given budget year. The budget limit is US $25,000 (subject to approval by the Board, which reserves the right to amend the amount awarded).

Successful applicants are expected to take up the award within one month of the annual AACPDM meeting where the award is announced. The funds must be spent within 18 months. Applicants unable to meet this timeframe will forfeit the grant but will be eligible to re-apply in a subsequent year. Unspent funds after 18 months are expected to be returned to the AACPDM.

2012 Research Grant winners
2012 Research Grant Award winners

Use of Funds

The award may be used to fund any of the elements necessary to develop the full grant proposal. These may include costs for:

  • Teleconferences or meetings of the collaborating team of investigators to plan and develop the research protocol including study design, outcome measures, recruitment strategies, data collection and management, analysis, etc
  • Methodologic/Statistical support or consultation
  • Preparation of application/s for institutional ethics approval
  • Support for investigators time
  • Pilot project/feasibility study in preparation for multi-center project
  • Validation of outcome measures intended for multi-center project

The funds are not intended for:

  • Institutional indirect costs
  • Purchase of personal computers or equipment
  • Stipends or fees for students or post doctoral fellows

Last updated: September 30, 2013